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Sep 22, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, coming up next. >>> temperatures in the 40s and 50s. for the afternoon, that cool. down will bring us anywhere from 6208. chilly start once again. widespread 50s around the bay and inland toward afternoon tomorrow. 85 expected. 79 in san rafael. 88degrees expected in areas right around brentwood. that will be the warmer spots. 79 in san jose. 78 for santa clara. mid-70s for santa cruz. good looking day for van cruz. there is your extended forecast. slightly cooler for your sunday. as we get into the first half of next week, a little change. nice weather in the forecast. low to mid-80s expected inland. mostly sunny skies even at the coast. >> we'll take it. thank you, rosemary. >> thank you. >>> fred junes us now with a look at those giants. >> they can clinch their national league title, the second in three years. so far, so good. the packed crowd was there hoping to see giants put a licking on the padres. giants led 2-1 in the second. his name sounds like a law firm, bumgardn er. he gets some help. sandoval. hey. he is my brother. sandoval blowing bubbles and all, making this play lo
Sep 29, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. number 39, i believe, there. but i think that's ted dij teddy johnson. n not wes harlan. we have two 39s. >> gus: that is johnson. >> charles: sometimes your body large debe trays you. watch how he pursues the ball to the sidelines. i think he felt like he hit it. i think the officials will see it the same way. ball pops up in the air. the path is altered. texas will get a break on this one as the ball comes back. >> referee: the ruling on the field stands. >> charles: wow. wow. that's a surprise to me. that certainly looked like the ball hit him and got altered and moved to the sidelines. teddy johnson is happy. >> gus: i think mike gundy is happy with his team lining upg at the 35. first down. >> charles: so much for those eagle eyes, gus. that went right down the tubes. >> gus: walsh over the middle. throw as strike, blake jackson. still moving. jackson refusing to go down. inside texas territory. >> charles: how about this throw again. sharp throw and then jackson after the catch takes care of the football and drags texas defenders into the secondary. >> gus: first and ten at the tex
Sep 15, 2012 8:00pm PDT
's favor. usc spending a lot of time in take-aways. that's what made them great in the early 2000s. they have gotten better at that. they need one in a big way right now. >> gus: first down and ten at the 19. for josh nunes and the stanford offense. taylor is back with mark dawson getting into the backfield. >> charles: watch how this possession goes. usc gets an opportunity to stack up the ball carrier. second man, third man in, they're all raking in the football, trying to knock it free and create a big play. >> gus: lane kiffin. right now stanford giving them a run. up by seven. second down and nine. play fake, nunes rolling out. over the middle. ertz again, first down cardinals. they said this kid was unflappable. they said he knew how to make all the right decisions and forget about mistakes. and he has done that. >> charles: thrown a couple interceptions tonight but david shaw told us he thinks this kid has grown up tonight. why is he telling us that? because he has a seven-point lead in his own territory, second and long, boots him out of the pocket and a chance to throw the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3